The Water-Based Cleaner With the Power of Bleach and Ammonia Without the Harsh Chemicals!
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Eliminate Stains, Odors, Grease, and MORE – Safely and Completely – With Purple!
What’s the Science Behind Purple?

What's unique about Purple are its negative ion particles formed from water, which are retained in the air six times longer than the average negative ion. The size of Purple particles are extremely tiny, having a diameter of only 5-20 nanometers, enabling them to easily penetrate the interior of fibers. Purple is alkaline due to the presence of hydroxyl ions, and because it contains hydroxyl, it is able to draw out the hydrogen contained within the dirt and grime it comes into contact with. 

As a result, Purple is able to remove dirt, grime, and stains with the power of bleach and ammonia without the harsh effects. At the microscopic level, dirt molecules detach from the surface and attach to tiny Purple micromolecules that are hundreds of times smaller than water droplets, so stains are quickly and thoroughly cleaned, right down to the fibers.

From Kitchens to Bathrooms to Flooring, Get an All-Over Professional Clean – Every Time!

Hard Water & Rust

Effectively removes hard water and rust buildup from shower heads!

Stainless Steel

Clean your stainless-steel appliances to a streak-free shine!

Kitchen Stains

Removes tough food stains that cooking can leave behind!


Removes deep, set-in dirt and grime from carpets and rugs!

Clothing Stains

Purple is a powerful laundry pre-treater for grease stains, grass stains, and more!


Purple is effective at removing mold and mildew stains that can form in bathrooms!

Purple Really Packs a Punch!
Here’s How!

Why Purple? When a liquid is acidic, a pH litmus strip turns red meaning it’s corrosive and could be dangerous. When its alkaline, with a pH of 12 or higher, the strip turns purple. When the alkalinity is in the optimal range, a cleaning solution can be powerful yet gentle, and that’s Purple.

Why clean your home with products that can actually cause more damage while serving their purpose? Purple is a water-based cleaner that’s scientifically formulated with the POWER of bleach and ammonia WITHOUT the harsh fumes and damage to clothing and carpets. And it works on most hard and soft surfaces, on grease stains and organic stains.

Look No Further – People Really LOVE Purple!

I love that Purple is unscented and I use it for pretty much all my cleaning needs!

Hands down my favorite multi-purpose cleaner - it is tough, but also gentle! Did I say how awesome it smells, too? Highly recommend Purple to anyone! Give it a try you won't be disappointed!" 

– Alicia, Los Angeles

Purple is a fantastic cleaner.

I haven’t found a product on the market that works better than this one does. I love to cook which means I have a messy kitchen afterwards. Purple works wonders on grease, not only on my pots and pans but on all of my surfaces."

- Kimberly, Sacramento

I love the subscription program!! 

Every 60-days I get my new supply and it makes it SO easy on me. I not only love this multi-purpose cleaner but I love the fact that I don't have to go to the store to replenish my supply."

– Rick, Dallas

I work full time, so I value the time that I have with my family when I'm home. 

I love the simplicity of using one product throughout my house and also getting Purple automatically sent to the house every 60 days. It's a no-brainer."

– Rebekah, New York

Start Living Fresher, Healthier, and Cleaner with Purple NOW!